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Closing CHecklist

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At the various stages in this transaction, we will need to ensure we have all of the following documents and procedures followed in order to protect you.


    • ☐ Confirm that a Documentation Agent has been hired and an Abstract of Title has been ordered
    • ☐ Confirm that a Surveyor has been hired and give this information to your Broker
    • ☐ Confirm the dates of the Survey and Trial Run


    • ☐ Signed Acceptance of Vessel
    • ☐ Schedule repairs stated in AOV
    • ☐ Contact your Documentation Agent to ensure they have all the documents they need for closing
    • ☐ Determine Sale Tax with your Closing Agent
    • ☐ Once repairs are complete, notify dd@detailsdetails.us.com and let them know you approve repairs on AOV
    • ☐ Send Final Funds to Escrow Account
    • ☐ Complete Buyer Closing Preparation Documents
    • ☐ If you are doing a tax exemption, make sure the original removal affidavit gets to our office prior to closing

  • We can only proceed to CLOSING IF:

    • ☐ The Documentation Agent gives the green light that she has all the paperwork she needs such as an original Bill of Sale signed by the Sellers, original titles or deletions
    • ☐ We have confirmation that any repairs on your acceptance of vessel have been completed to your satisfaction and the signed Proceed to Close paperwork
    • ☐ All the closing preparation paperwork has been signed
    • ☐ Clear funds are in our escrow account

  • After Closing

    • ☐ Closing announcement
    • ☐ Running Package
    • ☐ Removal Affidavit and Decal Instructions (if applicable)
    • ☐ Talk to your broker about handover